How to Pick a Car Stall Door like a Pro

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Purchasing a garage door can get a bit overwhelming especially if there are numerous designs and materials to choose from. In most houses, the garage door is clearly visible and will be among the first thing visitors notice. In fact, most homeowners believe that replacing the garage door, increases the value of the home quite significantly. When you want to get one, here are a few things to keep in mind.


The value of a garage door may differ depending on size, the construction material and the design, just to mention a few. Depending on what you are comfortable with, do some price comparisons and go for a door that will fit into your budget.

The style you want

Garage doors come in many styles that include traditional, contemporary and carriage houses. The traditionally styled ones come in many colors and they also have various insulation options. With this style, you can also go for optional decorative windows.
The contemporary styled garage door on the other hand, has a sleek, modern design and is characterized by many frame colors and glass options.
The third style, the carriage house design has a historic charm to it and the owner has the option of going for customized designs. Furthermore, this style has an over geared operation.


Once you have picked the style then the next thing is picking the material. The material you choose may affect the end result and therefore, pick the materials that go with your preferred style. One of the most popularly used material is natural wood. Those who go for this material have a lot of design options to pick from and these garage doors can be hand crafted meaning there is room for customized designs. Wooden doors can also be stained as a finishing.

Steel is another popularly used material. People prefer it because of its strength, durability and energy efficiency. It is capable of protecting your garage against burglars. Those who opt for steel can choose from the flushed or raised panel designs.

Aluminum and glass are also used in garage door making. Garage doors made from these materials have a commercial rust resistant frame and the glass option allows the owner to have light control and also privacy.

Insulation option

Go for garage doors that are insulated; this will help you live more comfortably compared to those that make a lot of noise every time the door is opened or closed.

Make your final choice

When you are done picking the material and style, then the last thing for you to do, you’ll be ready for making your final choice. Picture how the garage door fits into your existing home and pick the one that complements the whole look.
Last but not least, is picking a garage door expert. Go for the ones that are approved and have a track record of offering quality services such as our garage door experts in Johannesburg. We offer 24-hour emergency services and at very affordable rates. Whenever you need a new installation, upgrade or even repair service for garage doors, we are the team to call. Our business number is 087 551 0694. You can also visit our website at and learn more about our highly sought-after services.

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